Energy Work

Every thing is made of energy. When we are blocked from being who we truly are and not connected to source, angles and higher beings, we may find ourselves facing challenges, frustrations, pain and a feeling of not being able to do it, not good enough or just plain exhausted.

By clearing non-beneficial energy, patterns and ways of being that is not in your higher good, you can find relief and connection, a feeling of being un-stuck and refreshed.

Negative energy is all around us and we need to clear our space and our bodies on a regular basis so that we may be connected to the most light filled energy.

Energy work is done with the guidance and assistance of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Using a system of processes to release negative and non-beneficial energy, heal past life karma, clear family blood lines, trauma, patterns, programs and disempowering belief systems.  The goal of the energy work is to clear anything blocking us from being who we really are.

Michelle is a Master Facilitator of Advanced Energetic Healing working with the Archangels. She spent years studying  to master the processes and prayers used to remove negative and non-beneficial energy to help her clients be filled with the light filled energy to help them connect with purpose.

She has been practicing spiritual dowsing for over 20 years and uses this tool in her energy sessions to connect with her guides, the Archangels and Ascended masters so that she can be guided to the energy healing work that needs to be done.

Michelle has been working with angels for years and after a death experience in 2006, her connection became even stronger when she choose to come back instead of to leave earth that fateful night. She remembers being held by the angles and the feeling of unconditional love so big that words can not describe it. She learned how much the angels want to help and are all around us waiting to help clear us, give us guidance and support our journeys. 

Your Personal Session

I ask that you make sure to be in a quiet and safe place for your session. You will want to be comfortable and seated with your feet placed firmly on the floor. I will ask you what we will be working on at the begining of the session and as we are guided by the Archangels and Ascended Masters, along with your guides, we will remove the blocks holding you back. 

During the session there may be some silence as I work and at times I may ask you questions so that I can pin point where I need to work next. Sessions range from 45 - 60 minutes depending on the work. I will never end a session because of the time constraint if I am still in the middle of clearing something from you. 

You will be told what is happening as I am doing it and may be given some coaching to help you as you continue your day and week after the session. Most clients prefer to come once a month, it is up to the individual. Sessions are done over the phone so you can be in your own home.