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Get Guidance from the Angels about relationships, finance,  career, health or any specific topic you seek to know more about. Receive help moving non-beneficial energy and transforming it to light filled energy that connects you to spirit.

Readings and Sessions Tailored for You

Angels are all around us and they are here to help us, guide us and teach us. All you have to so is to call upon them and they will be there, they want to help you with everything, large or small. In fact they are waiting right now to help you. All you have to do is listen and you will receive the messages. One of the easiest ways to do that is through an angel card reading or an energy session working with the Archangels.

Michelle DeBerge

Michelle DeBerge is a certified Angel Card Reader and Intuitive. She has been working with Angel Cards and the Tarot for over 20 years. Michelle has the innate ability to see exactly where her clients are blocking themselves from what they need to be doing to achieve their hearts desire.

She has a certificate as an advanced energetic facilitator as an advanced energetic healer after attending four years at the Dancing with Source Mystery School. She also is a certified Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue. Michelle is also a professional life and wellness coach with over 25 years experience and a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute..  She has also trained under many thought masters, workshop leaders and spiritual teachers. Many clients begin with angel card readings and then ask for the energy work to clear the blocks and non-beneficial energy.

Her Services

Her readings answer questions about relationships, career, health, finances and so much more. You can request a short reading for direct guidance on a specific topic or question or you can request a full reading to find out all the factors surrounding the question or topic.

  • One  Card Reading
  • Celtic Cross Reading
  • Three Card Reading
  • Energetic Healing Session
  • Seven Card Reading
  • Intuitive Coaching Session

What Her Clients Say

I have personally witnessed the thorough and thoughtful nature in which Michelle DeBerge interacts with her clients. Michelle is a talented professional who assists her clients in achieving their full potential with unwavering support and guidance. Michelle possesses the character, strength and knowledge to help her clients understand what their limitations or roadblocks are. She enables them to overcome and face their challenges, so they may accomplish what ever it is they desire.

Sam Johnson, Client


The day after my first healing session with Michelle, I felt lighter, even when I was walking. I found my self laughing and feeling less stressed. Things began to move forward in my life with ease, I was making my goals, finding fulfillment and joy. I continue to see Michelle once a month for tune ups and deeper work. Each session brings me more joy and connection to the real me and my dreams.

Cameron Alastair

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Request a reading to see where you are and where you are going and the messages from the angels. 

Or enjoy a deeper healing and remove the blocks in your way.  Michelle will help guide you with the answers you receive.

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